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We are delighted that you want to register for the CHCC Program. Four months from now you will have all the tools you need, and the confidence to  help your clients through the rough spots as they create  new ways to generate or expand their income. And you will also be serving your own practice by leveraging what you already know to serve others transitioning to their next chapter in their work life. Many people will be looking for your skills as a thinking partner as they reimagine how to frame their past experiences to create new and more valuable work.

Duration of the Program: 

You will have access to the online course materials from the time you register until the end of the course. We will also provide you an electronic CHCC Career Coach Manual and a Client Worksheet Handout which gives you the flexibility to provide  your client only those worksheets they need at the moment.

Scheduled Live Classes

Scheduled 90-minute classes are held on Wednesday at 8 – 9:30 pm Eastern Time.

The scheduled classes are 

If you are registering from a different time zone, here is a chart of the time equivalents:
US & Canada

CHCC Chartered Career CoachETCTMTPTAT
Wednesday8-9:30 PM7 - 8:30 AM6 - 7:30 PM5 -6:30 PM9 - 10:30 PM

Outside the US and Canada
CHCC Chartered Career CoachGMT
East Africa
Saudi Arabia
E. Australia
New Zealand
Thursday1 – 2:30 AM4-5:30 AM 4-5:30 AM12-1:30 PM2-3:30 PM

You can also go to this link for more information about time conversion in your city/country and the impact of various time changes by visiting :

Practice is the difference between good and great coaches.
Between classes you will schedule two different types of practice:
Peer Coaching on alternate weeks of classes.
Pro-Bono or Paid Coaching for Client you identify from your community, friends, family, referrals, Facebook groups, Meet-ups etc.


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3 payments of $333 / month
Payments are processed automatically on the same date each month for the duration of the agreed upon payment plan.